There are exceptional people out there who are capable of starting epidemics. All you have to do is find them.

– Malcolm gladwell

You’ve found them. Welcome to IMMERSA Law.

We are a dynamic and forward thinking, business-minded legal service provider who understands the legal landscape is changing.

As a virtual NewLaw firm, we’re changing the way legal services are provided and challenging the “business of law” by employing a value-centred philosophy in which we are a strategic partner, immersed in our clients’ business. We deliver legal services with our client and not merely to our client.

Immersed in your business. Invested in the outcome.

We are external lawyers working as in-house legal counsel. We provide in-house legal counsel on an in-sourced or outsourced basis to enterprises with and without in-house legal counsel. Legal needs change on a weekly, daily, and even hourly basis. So too can the complexity of the work required. We also know in-house legal departments face constant headcount and budgetary pressures and smaller companies and start-ups have limited resources for any legal budget. We work for you, only when and as you need us, on-site or off-site. Whether it’s fractional, supplementing in-house counsel, supplanting outside counsel, additional counsel during crunch time, or simply project-based work, we adapt and scale our services to the changing needs of our clients.

Building Trust and Creating Value

At IMMERSA, we are focused on building relationships of trust with our clients and are resolute on delivering solutions and peace of mind to our clients. Unlike BigLaw which focuses on “input generated value creation (recording time and selling it according to an arbitrary hourly rate),” we focus on the value we create through the work we deliver. We sell intellectual capital, not time.

our belief

our philosophy